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Physicals In Wilmington

Physical exams are an important part of your medical chart to ensure that you or your doctors don’t miss any underlying disease or abnormalities. A total review of physicals and systems provides insight into items that may not appear to the naked eye. This is the time to speak to your doctor about questions or concerns you may be experiencing as you grow or as your body changes.

There are different types of physical exams:

  • Annual Physical: This is your “yearly checkup.” As described above, including routine blood work.
  • Employment: A generalized review of systems, with a focus on systems that will be impacted by your job requirements.
  • Well Child Check: An annual physical in addition to ensuring that your child has achieved milestones according to their age. Vaccinations are reviewed and administered during this exam.
  • Sports Physical: A physical directed towards your musculoskeletal system to ensure your child has the ability to safely participate in sports. This is a requirement for DIAA sports.
  • School Physical: A review of systems in addition to confirming that your child is up to date with required vaccines.
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